The Complete Branding Package for Your Business

Brand identity pricing can vary widely. An agency might charge $30,000 to $250,000, depending on who they are and the scope of the project. But not all businesses need to invest that much. As an boutique design agency in Toronto with 10 years of experience, We are able to bring enterprise agency-level design and expertise to the same project that would have a higher cost elsewhere.

Below is suggested pricing for small business clients.

Logo & Brand Identity Design Package

You’re starting from scratch or evolving your company’s existing branding. You want to distill the essence of your company into a look and feel. You need a toolkit of visual elements, and guidelines for how to use them.

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An interview with you (and any stakeholders) to define your brand. We’ll explore your company’s history, goals, audience, personality, unique strengths, and more. We’ll also look at visual references to see what your competitors are doing, and examples of design styles to determine a direction for your branding.

A logo is a shorthand tag or identifier for your brand. We sketch and refine ideas until we have the best logo concept (or a few great choices). It will be applied to mock products to test how it would work in the “real world.” Your final set of files will have secondary logos in vertical or horizontal formats if needed, saved for print and web.

A business card is more than just a piece of paper with your contact details; it’s a tangible extension of your brand identity. Our approach involves creating 3-5 distinct business card designs, each tailored to reflect your brand’s unique essence and make a lasting impression. We focus on layout, typography, and color schemes that complement your existing branding, such as your logo and company colors.

Each design option will showcase your business information in a visually appealing and professional format, ensuring that your card stands out and is memorable. Whether you prefer a minimalist, modern, or more elaborate design, we cater to your specific preferences and business needs.

Upon selection of the final design, you will receive files prepared for both print and digital use, ensuring versatile application across various mediums. Our goal is to design a business card that not only conveys your contact information but also reinforces your brand identity in every interaction.

Upon finalizing your logo design, we provide you with a comprehensive set of print-ready files, ensuring your logo looks impeccable across all print mediums. These files are meticulously prepared to meet industry standards for printing, guaranteeing that colors, resolution, and dimensions are perfectly aligned with your branding needs.

Our print-ready files package includes:

  • High-Resolution Vector Files: These are scalable to any size without loss of quality, ideal for large format prints like banners or billboards.
  • CMYK Color Mode Files: Specifically formatted for print, these files ensure that your logo’s colors are reproduced accurately in physical mediums.
  • PDF, EPS, and AI Formats: Versatile file formats that are universally accepted by professional printers, offering flexibility for various print needs.
  • Bleed, Trim, and Safe Area Settings: Precisely set to ensure that your logo is printed without any unwanted cropping or spacing issues.

This meticulous preparation empowers you to use your logo confidently in a wide range of print materials, from business cards and letterheads to promotional merchandise and large-scale advertising.

Specifications for the colors in your logo, plus a secondary palette that coordinates. Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and hexidecimal codes provided.

Recommendations for brand fonts, with examples of how to use them together.


Along with a logo, fonts, and colors, brands also need shapes and lines, a certain photography or illustration style, custom patterns, or other elements that flesh out a visual theme. These ingredients will be applied to mock layouts to show how they should be used.

A multi-page document that describes the elements of your brand. Your team can use it to create consistent materials going forward. It includes usage rules and specs for the logo, color palette, typography, graphic elements, messaging, and any other elements that make your brand unique.