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Hey entrepreneurs! Welcome to Digitalpha Media. We’re a web design and development company based in Toronto that is built for small businesses who are looking for convenience, quick turnaround, affordability, creative and professionally custom designed websites.

  • Digitalpha offers an unbelievable value that has everything you need for only $999
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Stand out & Attract Clients with a professional website, portfolio, or online store. Let's Build Your Beautiful Custom Website Today!

We have created Digitalpha Media to help small businesses afford to have a professional & beautiful presence online. Digitalpha is the most affordable professional custom WordPress web design services in Toronto. We believe that creating beautiful, professional, & creative websites should not be expensive and take months to finish. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE* All websites below are only for demo purposes that we created to inspire you and to show you the latest trends in web design. When you work with us, We’ll build you a completely custom, modern, beautiful & professional website.


Digitalpha Media is a web design company in Toronto who helps small businesses

We can relate to the problems that the majority of small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs encounter when creating their website. The first thing that comes out from their mind is the price of hiring an agency that would cost them a minimum of $5000 for a basic website that would take months to finish, so instead of spending their time focusing on building their business, they would waste their time trying to learn to build their website on their own using Squarespace or Wix which results in a cheap-looking and unreliable website. Some would hire a cheap freelance web developer overseas in sites like Fiverr or Upwork that hands you an amateur-built website that offers no after-sales maintenance and suddenly disappears. Therefore, we created Digitalpha Media, a web design & development company based in Toronto built to help you avoid those problems and help you save your precious time and focus on building your business.


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  • Digitalpha offers an unbelievable value that has everything you need for only $999


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unbelievable value.

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We are a team of creative entrepreneurs and the best talents in the field of web design & development that is based in Toronto who are committed to achieving our goal that is to help and provide affordable and convenient solutions to all entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Take your career to the next level. Apply to our team and see what we can do together.

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Digitalpha Media does all the hard work for you from designing, building, copywriting & many more… all for only $999, with no hidden costs. Book a FREE phone or In-Person consultation today!